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Civic Amenity Sites Operational Update – From Monday 18th May 2020

Civic Amenity Sites Operational Update – From Monday 18th May 2020

Civic Amenity (CA) Sites will from Monday 18th May, 2020 return to accepting the full range of waste materials accepted before Covid-19 restrictions were introduced. 

There will be additional staff on site to control traffic and ensure social distancing is maintained.  This may result in delays at peak times.  Opening times, charges and services available at each site can be found at

The following conditions will continue to apply:

  • Black bag waste for disposal should have the bag tied securely and then placed into a second bag and tied before arrival at the Civic Amenity  Site.
  • Only one person per vehicle can enter the site.
  • All customers must place the waste into the receptacles themselves.  Civic Amenity Site operatives will not be able to assist.
  • A €3.00 entry fee will apply for all CA site visits
  • Payment for black bag waste will be on a price of €4.00 per bag.  Weighing will not be possible as it increases the handling required.
  • Payment for domestic green waste* is €5.00 for up to three bags. The waste must be removed from bags at the point of disposal.
  • Fees for other waste materials will be as displayed at each site and can be viewed at CCC CA Site Fees
  • Physical distancing of a minimum 2M must be observed by all customers.
  • Customers are requested to bring the exact payment for the waste that they are bringing to site.

*In the interest of staying safe and protecting the environment householders are encouraged to compost green garden waste. For tips and guidance go to