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€10m Funding Boost for Kanturk/Mallow Road Restoration Programme 2019-2021 – O’Shea

€10m Funding Boost for Kanturk/Mallow Road Restoration Programme 2019-2021 – O’Shea

North Cork Fine Gael Councillor John Paul O’Shea has welcomed the recent publication of the Draft Kanturk/Mallow Municipal District Road Restoration Programme for 2019-2021. Almost €10 million has been allocated to the Programme over the next three years which has now been send to the Department of Transport for approval.

Cllr O’Shea commented: “The annual funding allocation for our local and regional roads has increased significantly over the last 12 months, which is very welcome. Greater autonomy has been given to local authorities in recent years to assess priorities within their own areas when it comes to road restoration improvements, which is important because local authorities like Cork County Council are best placed to make decisions in this respect. 

“The Council and its municipal districts have the ability to decide their own specific work programmes, under funding directions, which means roads that are in serious need of improvements can be addressed as soon as possible. There is a huge array of roads across our municipal district included over the next three-year programme and I look forward to seeing significant progress on these roads between 2019 and 2021,” he said. 

The full list of roads on the  Kanturk/Mallow Municipal District Road Restoration Programme 2019-2021: 

Year: 2019 

R577 – Ballydesmond (Part 1) 

L1218 – Island, Burnfort 

L1223  – Killavullen Road  

R578 – Gooseberry Hill Cross towards Freemount 

R576 – New Street, Newmarket Town 

R576 – Church Street, Newmarket Town 

R576 – Tados Cross Junction, Rockchapel 

R582 – Ballydaly to Annagloor, Millstreet 

LP1210-66 – Gortroe Village (Within Speed Limits) 

R620 – Dromahane Village (Nazerath Hill) 

LS9014-0 – Shoulders Lane, Mallow 

LP1105-0 – Ballyhoolahan (Part 1) 

LP1121-0 – Clonmeen Road (Part 1) 

LS5378 – Monaparson, Mallow 

R620 – Old Cork Road, Mallow 

R579/1028 – Main Street/Strand Street Junction, Kanturk 

LP1132 – Hegarty Street, Millstreet 

LS5327-13 – Kilcanway, Mallow 

LP1232-0 – Upper Lacknalooha, Mallow 

R576 – Cronins Bridge towards Newmarket 

LP1008-16 – KnocknascovaneMeelin 

LP1004-32 – TooreenfineenRockchapel 

LP1205-41 – Ballyclough by GAA pitch 

LS5088-38 – Foyle School Road 

LS5031-0 – Glennamucklagh West, Newmarket  (From Taur Crossroads)

LP1245-0 – Cedar Grove, Mallow 

LS5302 – Derryorgan, Mallow

LS5005-22 – Taurbeg, Newmarket 

LP1046 – Hogans Cross to Graveyard 

LS5462-21 – Commons, Freemount 

LS5027-16 – Gooseberryhill, Newmarket

LS5190 – Kealmanagh 


Year: 2020 

LS5376 – Shanvoher, Bweeng 

R578-303 – Ballina, Freemount 

LP1105-16 – Ballyhoolahan, Part 2 

LS5523 – Kilmaclennan Cross to Grange Cross 

R930-0 – Beecher Street, Mallow 

R578 – Meenataffiff, Newmarket 

R578 – Ballydesmond (Part 2) 

LP1218 – Burnfort Village 

R883-0 – West End, Mallow 

R578-338 – Dromina Village 

LP1117-0 – Dromahoe 

LS5321 – Caherduggan/Ballybrack 

R576 – Kanturk Town (Newmarket Road) 

LP1006-0 – Territ Cross Roads, Meelin 

LP1111-0 – Derragh 

LP1319 – Lackaroe/Templemary 

LP1016-11 – Pound Hill, Newmarket 

LP1107-0 Ballydesmond (Between Church and School) 

LS5224-21 – Curracahill (Part 1)

R582 – Knocknagree 

LP1005-41 – County Bounds to Haye’s Cross, Meelin 

LS5465 – KilberrihertFreemount 

LS5454 – Acres 4 Cross Roads Castleishen North 3 Roads, Milford

LS5910 – Lyravuckane 

LS5005-0 – GlencarneyRockchapel 

LP1023 – Garraveasoge Td., Kanturk 

LS5452 – KnockaneglassFreemount 


Year 2021: 

R580-85 – Garranenageevoge towards Lisgriffin 

R883-0 – Main Street, Mallow

LP1025 – Paal West Kanturk 

R578-323 – Cromage (Flynns Cross to Bog Cross)

LS5517 – Imogane (Part 1) 

R577 – Ballydesmond (Part 3) 

R515 – Milford Village 

R883-0 – HazeltreeBallyviniter 

LS5162 – Knocknacarraghcoosh 

R579 – Bluepool Kanturk 

R522-31 – Cromoge (Bog Cross towards Dromcolligher)

LP1043 – Ballintober 

LS5455 – Doony, Milford 

R619-399 – Mill St., Mallow (Blackwater Drive to Danos)

LP1103-29 – Glantane Cross to Toreen 

LP1301 – ClongownTullylease 

LS5312 – Kilpatrick to Kilgobban Cross 

LP1008 – BallynaguillaTullylease 

LP1111-25 – Loumanagh 

LS5024 – CurraleaghFreemount 

LP1208 – Curraghakerry 

LP1132-0 – Black Shed Road, Liscahane, Millstreet 

LS5027 – Knockscavane, Meelin