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Kanturk/Mallow Municipal District Meeting – September 2015

The September meeting of the Kanturk/Mallow Municipal District of Cork County Council will take place on Friday, 4th September 2015 in the County Council Offices at Anabella, Mallow.

These meetings are held once a month, where the six councillors representing the Kanturk/Mallow Municipal District Area meet with the engineers that cover the area.

Councillors are entitled to submit a maximum of three motions in advance of the meeting on issues relating to day to day services provided by Cork County Council, such as roads, water, housing, waste water etc… The engineers have a written response to present at the meeting which is then discussed.

My motions for the September meeting are as follows:

“That the Kanturk/Mallow Municipal District take immediate action to de-vegetate and secure the loose rock face in the Muddy Hill Car Park, Mallow. Rocks have fallen on a number of occasions in recent months in the vicinity of the Legion of Mary Grotto which has unfortunately has been closed as a result”.

“That the Kanturk/Mallow Municipal District undertake the necessary works in the vicinity of Foley’s Shop, Ballydaheen so people entering and exiting the shop entrance can do so safely”.

“That the Kanturk/Mallow Municipal District update members on the need for a dedicated pedestrian crossing outside the Church in Millstreet town. There is currently some lines painted here to accommodate a school warden service, however, most pedestrians believe it is a full pedestrian crossing which has led to several near incidents”.