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How to Make Publicity Work for you and your business

How to Make Publicity Work for you and your business
Venue: Millstreet Enterprise Centre
Time: 9.30am – 4.30pm
Date: Tuesday 4th April 2017
Have you ever wondered how to build your brand through PR and deal with the media, both online and offline? This workshop is designed to give you the confidence to work with the media to promote your business in a constructive and informative way that will raise your Companies’ brand awareness with your target market. You will learn:
· How to write a successful, attention grabbing press release
· Identify target media who are read/listened to/watched/followed by your target customers
· Learn how to prepare for and practise media interviews through role plays
· Identify and organise PR events that your Company should engage in e.g. exhibitions, competitions, sponsorship, launch events, speeches, talks etc.
· Use eMarketing to generate PR e.g. Email Marketing
· To identify online social networking tools that will enable you to run a PR campaign for your business on an on-going basis.
This workshop is suitable for both start-up and established companies and is facilitated by Yvonne Scully from Yvonne Scully & Associates.
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