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Cllr. O’ Shea welcomes increase in funding to Local & Regional Roads in Cork for 2018

Cllr. O’ Shea welcomes increase in funding to Local & Regional Roads in Cork for 2018

North Cork Councillor John Paul O’ Shea has this week welcomed the announcement by the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport Mr. Shane Ross T.D. that just over €44m has been allocated to Cork County Council as part of the Regional and Local Road Grants Allocations for 2018.

Cllr. O’ Shea said “I am very pleased that this funding has allowed for an 25% increase in the overall budget compare to 2017 for Cork. I know this will be of particular benefit to the roads in Kanturk/Mallow Municipal District Area which have been severely drained of funding over the last number of years”.

Minister Ross has stated that priority this year is the continued maintenance of the existing road network coupled with major rehabilitation and infrastructure improvements is central to this year’s programme. There will also be rehabilitation works carried out to 24 bridges across Cork County along with specific improvement works and safety schemes carried out on our local and regional roads in Cork. Some of the local works include:

Bridge Rehabilitation Works:

·         L1319 – Spa Bridge, Lisgriffin – €75,000

·         L1032 – Rock Road, Kiskeam – €75,000

·         L5103 – Marybrook Bridge, Castlemagner – €40,000

·         R621 – Longfields Embankment – €40,000

·         L1320 – Ballindillanig Bridge, Churchtown – €63,445

·         L1051 – Garraunawarrig Lower Bridge – €30,775

·         L1320 – Imphrick Bridge, Churchtown – €51,045

·         L1322 – Egmont Bridge, Churchtown – €66,700

Safety Improvement Works:

·         R578/R576/L1052 – Tighten up Junction of R578/L1052 in centre of Newmarket to cut out straight through on the R576 branch

Cllr. O’ Shea added “Local Authorities like Cork County Council are best placed to assess priorities within their own areas and therefore I welcome Minister Ross’s statement that considerable autonomy has now been given to Cork County Council under the specific grant headings to decide their own specific work programmes. I look forward to seeing progress on our local & regional roads throughout 2018 as a result of this recent allocation”.