Friday 14 June 2024
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Cork County Council agrees budget for 2013

Cork County Council has this week agreed its budget for 2013. Overall expenditure for the coming year will be in the region of €286m which is a reduction  of €12.6m from 2012.

Key points from the budget are as follows:

·       No increase in commercial rates (This is the sixth year of no increase in Cork county)

·       €1m of income from the commercial rates will be set aside in an specific Economic Development Fund in order to boost economic growth within the county

·       Continued support for community initiatives  with €1.3m in funding to be allocated during 2013

·       Specific allocation of  €1.2m to upgrade vacant houses and carry out planned maintenance to tenanted local authority housing across the county

·       No increase in Non-Domestic water charges for 2013

·       Provision of contributory funding (20%) towards the overall cost of the Housing Adaptation Grant Scheme in 2013, which is estimated at €1m. Overall allocation from Department of Environment, Community & local Government is expected to be €5m

·       Increase in tourism promotion as part of The Gathering 2013.

Despite the difficult financial situation, the budget recognises the critical nature of social services and has maintained core 2012 budget allocations for 2013 in the following areas:

·       Housing maintenance budget

·       Public lighting operational costs

·       Provision of school wardens

·       Car parking facilities

·       Water services operational costs

·       Waste service operational costs

·       Continuation of Rapid programme

·       Carrying out health & safety issues on unfinished estates

·       Operation of bring sites and civic amenity centres

·       Continuation of litter warden services

·       Maintenance of burial grounds

·       Operation of Fire Service & Civil Defence

·       Operation of leisure facilities such as swimming pools

·       Continuation of existing services in libraries

·       Continuation of Arts Grant Scheme in 2013

·       Operation of veterinary  services

·       Continuation of payment of Higher Education Grants to existing applicants

·       Operation of Motor Tax operations

Cllr. O’ Shea said “This is the best scenario out of a very bad economic situation we currently  find ourselves in. Cork County Council has received no allocation as of yet for our county’s roads in 2013 but I am hopeful this won’t be as harsh as expected.  The expectance is a 15% reduction from the 2012 allocation  which will be extremely harsh if it becomes a reality. The Department of Transport is to announce the roads allocation early in the New Year.