Wednesday 24 July 2024
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€100,000 for community and voluntary groups in North Cork

Communities from right across North Cork are set to benefit from €100,000 in funding from Cork County Council’s 2010 Amenity Grants Scheme.

The scheme was established to support community and voluntary groups who wish to build or improve their existing facilities in their respective communities. The scheme can also be used for groups who need to purchase necessary equipment for their community facilities.

The commitment of the Northern Division of Cork County Council to allocate €100,000 to these deserving amenities is a very positive move. This funding will undoubtedly benefit the many community and voluntary organisations in North Cork who have worked very hard all year long upgrading and developing their amenities. I have consistently raised the importance of allocating funding to communities through the Amenity Grant Scheme since my election and assisting communities to further develop is, and continues to be, one of my top priorities as a public representative in North Cork.

At a time where we see more and more people who are unfortunately unemployed and subsequently having more time on their hands, we need to maintain and develop our amenities and facilities and encourage people to get involved more in their respective communities and the amenities they provide. One way of doing this is by supporting financially our communities through schemes like the Amenity Grant Scheme.

The closing date for the acceptance of completed application forms for the 2010 Amenity Grant Scheme is Friday 17th September 2010 but the sooner you get them in, the better. Application forms can be obtained by contacting Cork County Council on 022 21123 or by contacting myself on 086 8903154.