Thursday 25 July 2024
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Government Announces Increased Frequency of Eircodes Allocations

Government Announces Increased Frequency of Eircodes Allocations

Minister of State Jack Chambers, who has responsibility for Eircodes at the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications, has announced that the frequency in which new addresses will be assigned an Eircode has increased – from quarterly to monthly.

The need for a more frequent allocation of Eircodes has become a significant issue for owners of new homes and businesses who are looking to access services optimised for the use of Eircodes, such as logistics, deliveries and the National Ambulance Service.

Commenting on this very positive development, Minister Chambers said:

“On foot of the success of Eircodes, the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications has been investigating a move to a system whereby Eircodes for new properties are assigned on a monthly basis, as opposed to the quarterly release schedule. This increased frequency will significantly reduce the waiting time for the assignment of Eircodes to new builds and result in time and cost savings for people.

“Capita Business Support Services Ireland, trading as Eircode, who were awarded the contract to develop, rollout and operate the National Postcode System in October 2013, have been working intensively on this issue with An Post, Ordinance Survey Ireland, and An Post GeoDirectory, supported by the department. A pilot ran over nine months during 2022 and was successfully completed. I am delighted to announce that Capita are now ready for the first monthly release of Eircodes to be assigned to new properties.”

Capita Ireland’s Managing Director, Gillian Chamberlain, said:

“As the Postcode Management Licence Holder, Capita is pleased to deliver on this initiative. Working with our partners to allocate Eircodes more regularly will help to increase efficiencies and build upon the success of Eircode.”

The first monthly release was scheduled for 9th March 2023.

Additional Information:

Capita Business Support Services Ireland, trading as Eircode, assigns Eircodes to new property addresses using a valid postal address and verified geo-locations. An Post collects information on all new and existing buildings, as well as changes to existing addresses. Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSI) provides the geo-locations for these buildings. An Post GeoDirectory (APG), a subsidiary company of An Post and OSI, issues a new release of the GeoDirectory database file on a quarterly basis to Eircode in accordance with their licence agreement.