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Launch of New Publication by Cork County Council: ‘EUROPE AND THE COUNTY OF CORK: A HERITAGE PERSPECTIVE’

Launch of New Publication by Cork County Council:  ‘EUROPE AND THE COUNTY OF CORK: A HERITAGE PERSPECTIVE’

With the end of the year drawing near, 2018, as the European Year of Cultural Heritage, also draws to a close. Around the country and indeed around Europe, a variety of different events and projects took place to mark the year and here in Cork County, a publication was undertaken to examine the county’s historic place within Europe, titled ‘Europe and the County of Cork: A Heritage Perspective’.

The publication was launched on Monday 10th December by the Mayor of the County of Cork Cllr. Patrick Gerard Murphy, in the presence of Declan Daly, Deputy Chief Executive Cork County Council and Michael Lynch,  Director of Planning Cork County Council.

Drawing on the expertise of a range of different authors – Elena Turk, Connie Kelleher, Denis Power, Cal McCarthy, Tomás MacConmara, John Hegarty and Clare Heardman, who each provided a chapter and a selection of sites for the publication, the scope of the book is a wide one, covering archaeology, ecclesiastical heritage, maritime heritage, Revolution, Culture, Architecture and Natural Heritage. Community groups from around the county also submitted some wonderful examples of local connections with Europe, both through people and place, and one can easily glean from the pages how much of an influence Europe has had on Cork, but too, how Cork has had its influence on Europe over the many years. 

The population of Europe presently stands at over 700 million people, 500 million of which are resident within the European Union’s 28 Member States. With the population of Ireland being close to 5 million and the County of Cork therefore constituting only 0.1 of 1% of the EU population, the extent of connectivity between County Cork and Europe can only be marveled at.

What we learn from the publication is the extraordinary influence that the European mainland has had in Cork over the centuries and millennia, but also, that County Cork as a place is unique, and it too, has played a very strong role in the shaping of Europe over the many years. Here in Cork we are both Irish and European and this publication conveys this so well; a most captivating read’, noted Mayor of the County of Cork Cllr. Patrick Gerard Murphy. 

Cork County Council’s Chief Executive Tim Lucey commended Cork County Council’s Heritage Unit and all those involved in the publication including the many community groups who engage in the Heritage of County Cork publication series, year after year. Speaking of the book he noted ‘this timely publication is a fitting recognition of County Cork’s place in Europe, particularly as we mark together, 2018, as the European Year of Cultural Heritage’.

There has already been interest in the publication in Europe and Conor Nelligan, Cork County Council Heritage Officer, was given the opportunity to highlight the importance of Cork’s connections with our European Colleagues last month in Brussels, with thanks to Cllr. Deirdre Forde, Cork County Council and Cllr. Kieran McCarthy, Cork City Council.

Europe and the County of Cork: A Heritage Perspective’ will be hitting the bookshops in the coming days and copies are also available to purchase for €10 at on Floor 3 of the County Hall.

This publication will be of interest to any reader with an interest in Cork’s history and its place in Europe. For more information on this and other Heritage Initiatives visit the Heritage Website of Cork County Council ( or contact the Heritage Unit on 021 4276891.