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Mallow Area Roads Meeting – January 2012

The next meeting of the Mallow Area Committee is on next Tuesday (10th January 2012) in the County Council Offices at Annabella, Mallow.

These meetings are held once a month, where the five councillors representing the Mallow Electoral Area and the Mayors of Mallow Town meet with the engineers that cover the Mallow Area.

Councillors are entitled to submit a maximum of six motions in advance of the meeting on issues relating to services such as road maintenance, water services, waste water services, housing etc. The engineers normally have a written response to present at the meeting which is then discussed.

My motions for the meeting next Tuesday are:

  1.  “That Cork County Council repair and point Lombardstown bridge and also remove tree which is growing in the middle of the bridge on western side”.
  2. “That Cork County Council open and widen inlets and fill dangerous pothole from Horgan’s Cross to the Gortroe Inn, Lombardstown and put a long term plan in place to rise a section of the road here where ponding continuously occurs”.
  3. “That Cork County Council repair and list for future upgrading the section of the L-1201-0 road on the eastern side at Carrigane, Lombardstown”.
  4. “That Cork County Council open and widen inlets on the L- 5354-0 (Laharn to Drompeach) road”.
  5. “That Cork County Council open and widen inlets on L- 5346-0 (Laharn to Bogaheen) road”.
  6. “That Cork County Council repair/replace two surface water drains on the L-5336-0 road between the Archdeacon and Deady households which have been damaged/blocked over the years”.