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Mallow Area Roads Meeting of Cork County Council – July 2012

The July meeting of the Mallow Area Committee of Cork County Council takes place on Tuesday10th July 2012 in the County Council Offices at Annabella, Mallow.

These meetings are held once a month, where the five councillors representing the Mallow Electoral Area and the Mayor of Mallow Town meet with the engineers that cover the Mallow Area.

Councillors are entitled to submit a maximum of six motions in advance of the meeting on issues relating to services such as road maintenance, water services, waste water services, housing etc. The engineers normally have a written response to present at the meeting which is then discussed.

My motions for the July meeting are as follows:

  • “That Cork County Council requests the NRO/NRA to review sight distance at the junction where the L-1201-0 road exits onto the N72 (Noonan’s Cross, Lombardstown)”.
  • “That Cork County Council liaises with the Noonan family, Lombardstown in relation to improving the safety of crossing animals from their farm which is divided by the N72”.
  • “That Cork County Council undertakes an assessment of what lands (Local Authority & Private) that are/maybe available within the village of Cecilstown for the development of the much needed amenity facilities in the area”.
  • “That Cork County Council give members an update as to the repair status of the L-5362 road at Carrigcleena, Bweeng”
  • “That Cork County Council repair the gully across from Bweeng Church which has dropped significantly and is a danger – Currently, the gully is covered by a cone”.
  • “That Cork County Council expedite surface water drainage works across for Hickey’s Bar, Dromahane as currently, water lodging in this area is forcing people to walk onto the public road”.