Saturday 13 April 2024
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Message from Mallow Tidy Towns – United Mallow needed!

Message from Mallow Tidy Towns:

We in Mallow Tidy Towns are a small group of dedicated volunteers who strive to improve and enhance the appearance of Mallow for our residents, workers and visitors. Mallow is a town that is growing, and we hope that it will grow even more, attracting more business, more employment, and more activities. But at the moment Mallow is looking tired, grey and dull, and very much in need of an overdue Spring-clean.

You are one of 11,000 people living and working in Mallow. You already know that it’s not a bad town, but the sparkle that is so evident in other towns is missing from Mallow. Tidy Towns does its best with its limited resources and small group of volunteers but Mallow is a big town to cover, and there are a lot of streets, laneways, side streets, car parks, green areas and open spaces that need cleaning, tidying and that quality of finish that looks so good in other towns. Unfortunately, we feel that we are only scratching the surface of what Mallow needs and Mallow has fallen behind.

So can anything be done, or will Mallow people let this downward spiral into dull greyness continue? Is that the town we want to live and work in? Will that help attract more business and employment into the town? No, it’s time to take action. It’s time to truly work together to achieve more for this tired old Town and make it a shining, clean, bright Town.

But who should do it? The answer is easy. Everyone! From the local authority with its responsibility to maintain the town; to the businesses who gain from the town; to the people who live in the town. Everyone has a stake in Mallow so everyone has a duty to brighten up this old town and give it the fresh look that its crying out for.

How? Well, if we do nothing or continue doing the very same as before, nothing will change. To make a difference, extra effort is needed. And that extra effort must come from all three sides, 1) the local authority, using its own staff and schemes such as Gateway, cleaning and weeding kerbs and footpaths, powerwashing shopping streets, using litter act powers, etc; 2) the businesses, making that extra effort to clean and improve the look outside their premises, and 3) the people, tidying their own areas and volunteering with Mallow Tidy Towns so as a group we can achieve more.

We are proud of our town and you should be too, but we know it deserves better, and with extra effort from everyone it can be better. Be proud, get involved, commit to improving Mallow and let’s get on with it before it gets worse !!!

Contact Mallow Tidy Towns at, find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, check out our website at or sign up to text alerts by sending your name to 086 3436 283. Together is Better!

Please feel free to pass this on to your friends, colleagues, members and affiliates. We need all the help we can get

Kind regards,
Mallow Tidy Towns