Friday 1 December 2023
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New campaign highlights role Cork County Council plays in daily lives across the county

New campaign highlights role Cork County Council plays in daily lives across the county
Cork County council wants everyone in County Cork to be more aware of the range of services they provide and how the public benefits from those services and supports.

In a recent survey carried out on behalf of the National Oversight and Audit Commission (NOAC) half of those asked said they know “just a little” about the work of their council. To improve this Cork County Council has launched a new #YourCouncil campaign to raise awareness of the work they do and to inform the public about how they can engage with Council services.

Cork County Council services are now more accessible than ever with over 120 services available online ranging from animal welfare to water leaks and from building control to vacant homes. The Council offers a text message alert on relevant flooding, weather & road works direct to your phone while the public are currently being asked what they want for Cork County as part of the new Cork County Council Corporate Plan.

Chief Executive of Cork County Council, Tim Lucey said, “Cork County Council is the largest local authority in area in the country and has a very wide remit – providing a huge range of important services to the public. As these services, which are intrinsic to the smooth running of the county, are paid for through taxation, it is vital people know what they are, how they can learn more about them, and how they can avail of all the supports councils provide. Cork County Council strives to keep the public fully informed and engaged with their council through our various communications platforms. This is one such campaign that aims to demonstrate the full scope of the council’s responsibilities.”

Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr Christopher O’Sullivan added “The nature of the large remit of local authorities and the broad array of supports and services it provides might account for the lack of awareness of the work of Cork County Council, especially among younger people. The research findings are that those with the least knowledge about their council are aged 18-25 this social media campaign. By reaching out through the media used by this demographic most, we hope it will go some way to addressing this gap.”

The campaign is now running through Cork County Council social media and other channels.

Cork County Council is joining with the 30 other local authorities in the #YourCouncil campaign.  Together, councils have over 2 million social media followers.

You can follow the campaign at<> or @corkcoco on twitter and facebook