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Nominate a person in your community for a Cork Sports Partnership Award

The Cork Sports Partnership Awards Scheme is an initiative of the Irish Sports Council to recognise the achievements and dedication of local sports people, volunteers and coaches of all ages, across all sports and communities in Cork.

Local people, sports clubs, schools, higher and further education establishments, community groups and other members of the local sports scene can nominate individuals and teams who they feel have made a really positive contribution to the community and/or their sport.

Awards will be presented to winners in 12 different categories. These awards celebrate the wonderful contribution that so many people make through Sport. Volunteers, coaches and Parents invest huge amounts of their time and energy into sports clubs, organisations and innovative projects, and deserve to be recognised and thanked for this voluntary contribution. It is also the intention of the Cork Sports Partnership to forward the winning nominations from relevant categories to the “National Awards to Volunteers in Irish Sport”.

“The benefits of being involved in sport and physical activity on a regular basis are tremendous, and a scheme like this will seek to recognize all those that are involved in so many different ways at a local club/organization level, enabling and growing participation in any sport or activity. The Cork Sports Partnership team is working hard to promote the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle, and the award-winners serve as an inspiration to us all.” Chairperson of the Sports partnership Mr. Ted Owens

The Categories are:

  1. Adult Volunteer in sport (19 and over)
  2. Junior Volunteer in sport (18 and under)
  3. Adult Achiever in Sport (19 and over)
  4. Junior Achiever in Sport (18 and under)
  5. Disability Sports Person
  6. Disability Sports Volunteer
  7. Volunteer Sports Club Coach/Manager
  8. Local Sports Club
  9. School Sports Volunteer Primary
  10. School Sports Volunteer Post Primary
  11. Promoting Health through Sporting Activity Awards
  12. Lifetime Award

Please visit the Cork Sports Partnership website, and fill out a nomination form for someone that you think is deserving of any of the awards listed above.  Closing date for receipt of completed nominations is Friday December 17th 2010.