Thursday 23 May 2024
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“You and Your Mental Health” Booklet Launched

“You and Your Mental Health” Booklet Launched

Cork Kerry Community Healthcare, health promotion and Healthy Cities partners, have come together to combine their networks and knowledge to provide a very comprehensive and accessible booklet that will aim to support adults mental health and wellbeing in Cork City and County.

Over the last number of months we as a team worked collectively to make sure that the booklet was not full of jargon. We wanted to make sure it was a practical positive approach to mental health and wellbeing.

The booklet forms part of a wider conversation normalising mental health and helps to support those within all groups in our communities. We want to ensure that support services are available at all levels of need while noting the additional services across the region.

This booklet will add as a great resource to all sections of community. The resource is available online here

Martin Ryan, Resource officer for Suicide Prevention thanked the diverse team involved in creating and developing this booklet specifically Teresa McElhinney (Senior Health Promotion Officer) and Aoife Ni Chonchuir (Health Promotion Officer) along with their on-going dedication. He also thanked Cork Healthy Cities and Klaudia Jankovič for their support and input in the creation of this booklet.

Martin added: 

That all contacts and services in the booklet have been checked and double checked to make sure of their inclusion. We want to promote the concepts of hope and recovery, as well as reminding ourselves that we all need to care for our mental health. There are huge benefits to our overall wellbeing by keeping physically and mentally healthy and there are many supports available to help us to do that.

Martin explained that it’s important that everyone is aware of the supports available to them in their community, city and county and encouraged everyone to seek a copy or down load from the  to have a free copy.

Kevin Morrison, Acting Head of Service for Mental Health said:

This mental health and wellbeing resource booklet is a great example of the collaborative work across disciplines to promote the importance of Good Mental health. It underpins the concept of what we all can do to support our own mental health and wellbeing. This booklet also highlights the list of supports that are available throughout the year and crisis numbers that are available 24/7”.  We in the HSE are delighted to support this resource to ensure that the general public are aware of the diversity of support services available across Cork and Kerry.

With up to 100 Services highlighted there is something useful for everybody to get engaged or to understand where to seek help.

Sharon Parkinson, Health Promotion and Improvement, Health and Wellbeing Manager highlighted: 

Improving the mental health of our population is a key priority for our service. It is evident from our most recent Healthy Ireland survey that our current circumstances have posed a challenge to the mental health of our population. I am sure that this has manifested in many different ways. Yet I would imagine that we are all together in the hope of taking positive action. In light of this we are delighted to collaborate with our colleagues in Mental Health Services and Healthy Cities in the development of this practical booklet to help you to care for your mental health & wellbeing. We hope that within the guidance, information and supports available in Cork and Kerry, you find something that helps you navigate this experience and maintain a healthy balance in your life.

Judy Cronin, Chairperson for Cork Healthy Cities added:

Cork Healthy Cities is pleased to collaborate with HSE Mental Health Services and Health Promotion and Improvement Department to bring this ‘You and Your Mental Health’ booklet, which aims to help you understand mental health, reduce stigma and promote well-being.

Collaboration, partnership working and intersectional working are the principles underpinning a WHO Healthy City. Cork Healthy Cities strives to connect people with places and promote health and wellbeing for all.

Download a free copy of You and Your Mental Health here