Friday 1 December 2023
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Call for proposals re: Small Capital Grants Scheme for Social Enterprises

Call for proposals re: Small Capital Grants Scheme for Social Enterprises


Call for proposals re: Small Capital Grants Scheme for Social Enterprises

The scheme, which is funded by the Dormant Accounts Fund, will provide grants of between €2,000 and €15,000 for equipment, repairs or refurbishments which will enable social enterprises to improve their service delivery.  The scheme is an initiative under the National Social Enterprise Policy for Ireland 2018-2022, which was published in July, and will be administered through the Local Development Companies.

One of the main objectives of Ireland’s first National Social Enterprise Policy which Minister Ring launched in July, is to grow and strengthen social enterprises.

Social enterprises are businesses whose core objective is to achieve a social, societal, or environmental impact. Like other businesses, social enterprises pursue their objectives by trading in goods and services on an ongoing basis. However, surpluses generated by social enterprises are re-invested into achieving the core social objectives.

They frequently work to support disadvantaged groups such as the long-term unemployed, people with disabilities, travellers, etc., or to address issues such as food poverty, social housing, or environmental matters.

The new small capital grants scheme which Minister Ring announcing today will support over 100 social enterprises through funding of €1 million from the Dormant Accounts Fund. 

The scheme will be of particular interest to smaller or start-up social enterprises which do not necessarily have the capacity to compete for larger grants.

We are pleased that the Local Development Companies have agreed to partner with the Department of Rural and Community Development to deliver this scheme.  The Local Development Companies provide grassroots support to social enterprises all around the country and are well placed to administer the fund.

Today’s announcement follows on from a call for proposals for Training and Mentoring of social enterprises which Minister Ring launched recently, and is another important step in the implementation of the National Social Enterprise Policy.

The Department will continue to work closely with all stakeholders in the delivery of all of the commitments in the Policy over its life span, up to 2022.

Full details of the Small Capital Grants Scheme for Social Enterprises, including Applications Forms and Guidelines, as well as a list of Local Development Companies and their contact details, will be available on the Department’s website,