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Latest update on Water situation in Mallow & North Cork – 31st December 2010


Tankers will continue to supply water daily at Church of the Resurrection & Bowling Green car park from 12.00noon to 2.00pm today and also at Woodview Drive and Canon Sheehan Place from 12.00 noon to2.00pm. Approx 95% of areas now have water restored at lower than normal pressure. Hoping the almost all areas will have reduced supply by lunchtime today.


It’s intended that supply will be maintained overnight tonight, 31st December.  There may be disruption to supply in Northern areas of Mitchelstown this afternoon to facilitate leak repairs. It’s hoped that it will not be necessary to turn off supplies over the weekend but this is pending completion of repairs as identified above and some interruptions to supply to build up reservoir levels may be needed.

Mitchelstown South;

All areas have water but there may be individual supply problems, not yet reported. The output  is still in excess of 20m3/hr over normal operating levels but no further interruptions to supply are anticipated on this scheme.


No further shut-downs of Dunmahon Reservoir anticipated. Some areas had interruptions to supply yesterday 30th December as a result of air-locks in the distribution system from previous reservoir shut-down. These issues have been resolved and supply is restored.


The high consumption is leading to low pressure and some supply interruptions (during periods of highest demand) in the Acres & Grange Areas.


 The water situation in Millstreet is remaining stable. Caherbarnagh reservoir has 0.87m of water this level is quite low but is being maintained. If the level does not go below this we will not have to turn off water. Consumers in the higher areas of Cullen could be experiencing low pressure but pressure should improve during the course of the day.


 There will be minor disruptions to the Oliver Plunkett Hill, Rathealy Road, Beechfield, St.Bernards,& Duntaheen area throughout the day but all areas should have a supply at reduced pressure. A tanker will be available to any Estate which is still without water between 12.00 & 4.00 ,today. Water remains available at Fire-Station(24hrs). Patience of all consumers is much appreciated


Water will not be switched off today/tonight to the Charelville, Freemount or Doneraile Public Water Schemes. Repairs are ongoing in the Area to watermain breaks.

The supply from the Freemount Reservoir has been turned on from 8.30am and it is hoped that all areas off this scheme will have water by the afternoon.It will take time for village reservoirs and watermains to fill. Usage is stiill quite high in all areas with resevoirs at low levels.


No area was turned off in the Newmarket/Kanturk area last night. Reservoirs levels in Newmarket still low but improving. Properties in higher parts of the scheme may still experience low pressure.

The public are asked to conserve water and check unoccupied dwellings/properties/farms for any leaks/breaks etc as soon as possible.

Public should be aware that there could be further disruptions over the next few days due to high usage of water. Public are asked to conserve water & not leave water running overnight.