Monday 20 May 2024
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Sales & Marketing For Business Growth – North Cork Workshop

Sales and Marketing are essential elements to the success of any business, especially the small business. Marketing makes sales and sales generate cash – it really is that simple! Therefore, successful marketing is the lifeblood of a business in creating awareness and generating leads. Successful selling if the conversion of these leads into cash in the bank. Leo Cork North and West are providing you with the opportunity to attend a practical workshop on marketing.

This practical 2 day Sales and Marketing workshop will give the participant an opportunity to reflect on their existing sales and marketing strategy. Participants will receive key information on how to merge the sales and the marketing strategies and the importance of having both. This workshop will give you timeout, focus, space to think strategically and take away practical action points that can be implemented quickly and easily into your business.

This workshop will give participants an insight into the various elements of sales and marketing including sales process management, prospecting and evaluating leads, essential sales skills, promoting a business, pricing from a marketing perspective, the integration of online and offline marketing, target marketing and customer segmentation, USP identification, customer identification, direct marketing, and essential skills of customer service.

Date: Wednesday May 13th and Wednesday May 27th.

Location: Springfort Hall Hotel, Mallow

This workshop is suitable for business owners or managers who wish to drive their business forward with creative thinking and an efficient and effective sales and marketing strategy.

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