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Kanturk/Mallow Municipal District Road Restoration, Maintenance & Drainage Programme for 2019 announced – Almost €5m investment

Kanturk/Mallow Municipal District Road Restoration, Maintenance & Drainage Programme for 2019 announced – Almost €5m investment

Cork County Council this week outlined a comprehensive programme to upgrade local and regional roads in the new Kanturk/Mallow Municipal District during 2019.

The programme which was approved at the recent Kanturk/Mallow Municipal District Meeting represents an injection of almost €5m in new road infrastructure for the area.

Local Fine Gael Cllr. John Paul O’ Shea welcomed the programme stating “a number of roads will be significantly improved this year as a result of this funding. We have had to make tough choices in this year’s programme with many roads in poor and debilitating conditions but I am happy we have put the worse roads on this year’s list”.

The local and regional roads that have been included for Restoration Improvement works this year are as follows:

Road Class Road Number Road Name/Townland Engineering Area
R 577 Ballydesmond Millstreet
R 578 East Junction L5028 towards Freemount Newmarket
R 576-200 New Street, Newmarket Newmarket
R 576 Church Street Newmarket
R 576 Tados Cross Junction, Rockchapel Newmarket
R 582 Ballydaly to Annagloor, Millstreet Millstreet
LP 1105-0 Ballyhoolahan Part 1 Millstreet
LP 1121-0 Clonmeen Road Part 1 Millstreet
R 620 Old Cork Road Mallow Town
R 579/1028 Main Street/Strand Street Junction, Kanturk Town Newmarket
LP 1132 Hegarty Street Millstreet
LP 1232-0 Upper Lacknalooha Mallow Town
R 576 Cronin’s Bridge towards Newmarket Newmarket
LP 1008-16 Knocknascovane, Meelin Newmarket
LP 1004-32 Toureenfineen, Rockchapel Newmarket
LS 5088-38 Foyle School Road Newmarket
LS 5031-0 Gleenamucklagh West(From Taur Cross Roads) Newmarket
LS 5005-22 Taurbeg, Newmarket Newmarket
    Various Mallow Town
LS 5462-21 Commons, Freemount Newmarket
LS 5027-16 Gooseberry Hill (From Junction with L50271-0 to the South)  
LS 5190 Kealmanagh Millstreet
LS 5376 Shanvoher Mallow
LP 1005-41 County Bounds to 400m North of Hayes Cross Meelin Newmarket
R 930-0 Beecher Street Mallow Town
R 579 Boreenholey (Junction) Millstreet
R 582 Coomlogane St (Junction) Millstreet
LS 5517 Imogane (part) Mallow
LP 1210-66 Gortroe Village within Speed Limits Mallow
R 620 Dromahane Village Mallow
LS 5378 Monaparson Mallow
LS 5327-13 Kilcanway Mallow
LP 1205-41 Ballyclough by GAA Mallow
LS 5302 Derryorgan Mallow
LS 5523 Kilmanleinne X to Grange x Mallow
LS 9014-0 Shoulders Lane Mallow Town
LP 1245-0 Cedar Grove, Mallow Mallow Town
LP 1223 Killavullen Road Mallow Town


The local and regional roads that have been included for Restoration Maintenance (Surface Dressing) works this year are as follows:

Road Number Road Name/Townland Engineering Area
R576-24 Glencarney Rockchapel Newmarket
L1211-41 Sean Og Cross to Gortroe Mallow
R578-167 Mount Keeffe, Newmarket Newmarket
L1110 Urraghil Millstreet
L5302 Kilgilky to Derryorgan Mallow
L1017-0 Kilowen, Newmarket Newmarket
L5516 Ballindilanaig to Shinanagh Mallow
L1013-27 Commons Newmarket Newmarket
L5332 Gortmore Mallow
L5485-0 Farthingville, Dromina Newmarket
L1119 Carragraigue Millstreet
L5039-25 Curraduff Newmarket Newmarket
R579-0 Cahernagh, Tullylease (Jones X to County Bounds) Newmarket
R583 Keale Bridge Millstreet
L50791 Jones X to Tullylease Newmarket
L1120 Ballinkeen Millstreet
L1121-55 Roskeen to Gortmore Mallow
L1033-15 Gortearagh Boherbue Newmarket
L1005-26 Rowels, Meelin to Hayes Cross Newmarket
L5544 Lackroe to Spital Cross Roads to Ballyhoura Mallow
L5528-41 Ballynoran X to Windmill X Mallow
L1007-5 Tooreendonnell, Meelin Newmarket
L1214-0 Pendys Cross to Dromahane Mallow
L5036-0 Glenlara, Newmarket Newmarket
R576-153 Tooreendonnell, Meelin Newmarket
L5076 Gortnagark Tullylease Newmarket
L1124 Kerrymans Table to Ivale cross Millstreet

In addition to the above roads which will receive restoration improvement and restoration maintenance works, the following roads will also receive full drainage works during 2019:

Road Number Road Name
LS5378 Monaparson
LS5327 Kilcanway
LP1205-41 Ballyclough Village to Copstown X
LS5302 Kilguilky X to Derryorgan
R576 Kanturk to Biddy’s Green
N20 Mallow / Ballynamona
L1045/1039 Kilbrin / Kanturk
L1121-55 Roskeen to Gortmore
L5332 Gortmore to Lombardstown
L1214-0 Dromahane to Pendy’s Cross
L1216 Jordan’s Bridge to Ballyknockane
L5516 Ballindilanaig to Shinanagh
L5544 Lackaroe to Spital Cross to Ballyhoura
L5528-41 Ballynoran X to Windmill X
L1214 Pendy’s X to Ahadallane X
R619 Bweeng to Boundary
L5564 Box X to Lag X
R580 Buttevant to Lisgriffin
LS5517 Imogane
LS5523 Kilmanleinne X to Grange X
LP1320 Churchtown/ Ballynaboul
LP1210 Gortroe Village
L1002 Cummeryconnell, Meelin
L1020 Lismire to John’s Bridge
L1031 Cahernagh Tullylease
L5467 Knawhill, Freemount
L5455 Doony, Milford
L1105 Ballyhoolahan
L5007 Gleenakeel, Rockchapel
L1010 Sugan Road (Ballydesmond/Rockchapel)
L5501 O Knockagolig, Liscarroll
L5010 Rowels to Jones Cross Tullylease
L5011 Haye’s Cross – Gleann na gCpall Cross rds Tullylease
L1306 Tulladuff Cross to Cherryhill Cross Dromina
L5058 Aghaneenagh/Cloontycommade Boherbue
L10331 Drominarrigle Boherbue
L1011 Gleenakeel, Rockchapel
L50312 Cronrea Ballydesmond
L1301 Tarrants Cross to Keeffe’s Cross
L10121 Gloundine Taur
L5020 Knockacluggin/Cummerduff, Newmarket
L5018 Meengorman, Newmarket
L1001 Knockahorea Rockchapel
L5088 Meendurragha/Carraganes, Ballydesmond
L5028 Gooseberry Hill, Meelin
L5029 Meeneeshal, Meelin
L1302 Scart, Milford
L5475 Dromina – Killabraher Road
R578 Newmarket to Boolard Cross
R576 Newmarket to Kanturk
R579 Kanturk to Freemount
R579 Freemount to County Bounds
R522 Bog Cross to County Bounds
R515 Gibbons Cross to County Bounds, Milford
L5190 Kealmanagh
R582 Annagloor to Ballydaly
L1115 Station Road to Cullen
L1111 Cullen to Loumanagh
L1106 Dromtariffe to Derrygulan
R582 Millstreet to Annagloor
R582 Ballydaly to Rathmore
N72 Cullen to Cloonbannin (part)
L1121-55 Banteer to Clonmeen
R583 Drishane to Keale South
L1120 Coole X to Rathcoole
L1118 Rathcoole to Chapel X
L1124 Kerryman’s Table to Ivale X
L1110 Urraghilbeg
R579 Banteer to Dripsey Glen
L1123 Tullig to Mushera
L5197 Lyravuckane to Keale Br
L1336 Box X to Cahermee X


Cllr. O’ Shea added “I know this will come as a great relief to all who travel these roads on a daily basis as these roads will now be greatly enhanced by these restoration works. Works have already commenced on some roads ensuring the appropriate drainage is in place with full re-strengthening works being completed before the end of this summer”.